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  1. i-swear-we-are-infinitee:

Eyelashes- Geordie Shore on We Heart It -
  2. Forgetful Lucy.

    Forgetful Lucy.

  3. Is it wrong to feel pretty only when people say you are pretty? I don’t think so. How you see yourself is way different than how others think of you. It’s bullshit to say that people should stop thinking about what other people think about you because you can’t. You stopped because you have started thinking about what other people would think about you. You care about what people thought of you and yes, you care about how you look because you care about what people would think. And I might seem to feel confident about myself, truthfully, I’m not. It pains me to feel pretty only when people say I am pretty. It’s bad that I have to have approval first from others before I can accept myself. And lately, I hate that I don’t feel confident about how I look just because people aren’t noticing me. It’s making me all depressed and sour. I am already bitter about that at work and then I found out that I wasn’t really liked by this guy. so yes, I hate it. I hate that I flirted and it was such an ugly move. Ugly move by an ugly girl, yes. 

  4. Those flowers didn’t mean anything; if it did you’d still be here.

  5. "Sometimes I wondered if he only lived in my head."

  6. If ever you’re watching me, yes, I still wonder why you left me hanging… So as I start a new path, I think of you first and what could have been a new path with you on it. 

    singing to you— when will I see you again??

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  7. Connect the dots.

    Connect the dots.

  8. Need to practice my smirk fezz

    Need to practice my smirk fezz

  9. Superficial. #ootd

    Superficial. #ootd

  10. Project!! #ootd #selfie

    Project!! #ootd #selfie